Red Rocks: Guided e-Bike tour

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Red Rocks: Guided e
Bike tour

Discover the Red Rocks, a unique region, easily by e-Bike on beautiful cycling lanes and large forests paths. An enthusiastic tour for everybody whether you are rookie or expert. Our powerful assisted bikes will bring you through the southern region, and its industrial heritage.

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  • Old mines and industrial heritage
  • Blasting panoramic views
  • E-Bike and guide included


min. of 4 participants required for this tour


  • Water bottle or flask
  • Hiking shoes
  • Backpack (not mandatory)


  • Guided tour (duration: +/- 3 hours) in the old mines under the open sky
  • e-Bike
  • Helmet

Not included

  • Beverages and meals



 Welcome to the region of the Red Rocks - the mining cradle of southern Luxembourg.

Located 2 km south of Esch-sur-Alzette and at the entrance to the Ellergronn nature reserve, the Ellergronn nature and forest centre is housed in the restored buildings of the former Cockerill mine. With its forest house, industrial halls and forest workshop, the centre shares the site with the Entente Mine Cockerill. It also offers a large parking space and it is for sure the best place to start your bike tour.

After the tour, you can stop by at the restaurant "Schmëdd", a nice location to have some tasty local food and drinks. Don't forget to reserve your lunch during the booking procedure!


Tour description

The tour starts in a forestal area, a former industrial site with remains of mining groves. On gravel roads, you will cycle along the French boarder, where you will take paved cycling lanes to reach Rumelange village. In this first section, the tour reveals a hundred years old history of the mining region. Lots of industrial remains will arise and guide you along the first kilometers.


Once arrived in Rumelange, we swap the scenery to enter the open pit mines, probably the most unexpected places you have ever seen in Luxembourg. This reveals an impressive view on the ancient iron ore mining sector of Luxembourg. Moving on to the next step, you will be faced to impressive rocky cliffs that tells a story of hardworking mankind. A must-see place for stunning pictures.


After this first meeting, you will comfortably head towards to Schifflange where you will dive into the famous Terres Rouges canyon, also known as "Red Rocks". This beloved location offers a breathtaking scenery on rocky soils, where nature is owning back its roots. Industrial scars are still present decades later.

This tour requires a min. of 4 participants in order to take place. Book your spot and in case of cancellation, you will get a full refund.


  • For more information about the organizer of this tour, visit
  • Phone number Biketours: +352 621 302 930



Ellergronn, Esch-sur-Alzette
Centre nature et forêt Ellergronn
Rue Jean-Pierre Bausch


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