Luxembourg City: UNESCO E-Bike Tour

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Luxembourg City: UNESCO E
Bike Tour

The old districts and the mighty Vauban fortifications of Luxembourg City have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1994. This self-guided, cultural e-bike tour takes you along the most important sites of the UNESCO World Heritage.

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  • 2 cultural e-bike routes with audio guides about the sights
  • a journey into the past on 2 wheels
  • fun, sports and culture combined


  • Bring headphones to enjoy the commentary (audio guide) during your e-bike tour
  • Your ID
  • A valid credit card (for deposit)


  • Rental of a latest generation e-bike for a duration of 3 hours (= 1/2 day)
  • 2 themed routes for your e-bike tour (UNESCO + cultural)
  • Helmet + Vest
  • Holder for your smartphone on the handlebars
  • Access to the "" app with interactive map, audio and texts on the points of interest
  • Bike itinerary contains 75 points of interest, available in the app
  • Offline GPS navigation
  • Map of public transport (free throughout Luxembourg)

Not included

  • Headphones
  • Smartphone
  • Possibility of renting the bike for a full day for an additional fee of 20,00 €

Available for an additional fee:

  • Child seat + Helmet
  • Trailer for children (1 or 2)
  • Helmet with built-in headphones for a comfortable experience listening to the audio guides



Enjoy our latest generation e-bikes and our app with the most interesting content (images, texts, audios and online guidance with interactive map) about our capital

We have prepared 2 different tours for culture seekers:

1) a UNESCO tour - you will drive along the UNESCO World Heritage sites and listen to facts and stories about the sites via the app "" (audio guide).

2) a cultural tour - the app will guide you along the most important buildings, monuments and memorials of the capital, while telling you interesting stories.

The content in the app is available in 5 languages (DE, EN, FR, LU, NL).


Each tour is guided by a navigation device attached to your handlebars.

In addition, you will also find a phone holder on the handlebars, to which you can attach your smartphone and listen to the audio guides in the app "". The easiest way to do this is to use headphones which are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Of course, it also works with classic headphones.


Information on the two tours:




Riding time : 0:30

Distance : 9 km

Required fitness level: 1/5

Cultural content: 4/5

Nature: 2/5

Family friendly: 5/5

Places visited: crossing the UNESCO sites of the city, such as the Pétrusse Valley - Clausen - Pfaffenthal - Municipal Park - City Center


Cultural tour covering the History of the Capital

Riding time : 1:00

Distance : 11 km

Required fitness level: 1/5

Cultural content: 5/5

Nature: 2/5

Family friendly: 4/5

Places visited: by taking advantage of the elevators, visit the upper and lower city.Load up on history and culture.


  • Remember to charge your smartphone before starting your adventure
  • Download the purchased product prior to your visit
  • Read the general terms and conditions of our E-BIKE tours (see PDF)
  • We kindly ask you to arrive at our new shop 20 - 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the tour so that we can go through the administrative part together


430-434 Route de Longwy
1940 Luxembourg

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Ok, this is the second time writing my review. I feel like this company needs some work. The ebikes and navigation were top quality. But every else that involves running a company was lacking. They don’t want to spend the money to staff a full service bike rental place. The hours are too short. In my opinion the best biking is early morning and evening. Staff member was rushed. She dropped by the bike shop during her lunch break from another job?! She was so hurried. Then, I thought we had our tickets but once we arrived learned we had to download an app and pay 200 Euro deposit. This added to the chaos. I don’t feel we received a good explation of how the ebikes worked or how the tour worked. No such thing as customer service. It was not a fun tour because there was so much traffic and too many pedestrians. The ebikes are too powerful for this kind of city riding. I regret not using the public Veloh. I would only recommend this rental company if you are having a guided tour, a group ride or a longer excursion outside the city. Don’t waste your money.
Fred Shriner
Bike rental representative was very accommodating and pleasant. I would have given the experience a lower rating, if it wasn't for the person handling the rental. He was great!

Katia Pinhal - Product Manager : Dear M. Shriner, thank you for your review. Our team is very much pleased to know that our staff member was great and pleasant towards you. On the other side, we would love to know more about the product experience itself, and the reason for a lower rating in order to improve it further. Please tell us more and we hope to see you soon. Best regards,

With this guided tour, we invite you to discover the main points of interest of the capital by e-bike.

The tour includes some very steep inclines, which is why it is important to be accompanied by an experienced guide.

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